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Worldwide suppliers & manufacturers of optical fiber transceivers

Looking for good quality optic fiber transceivers? The search ends here with C-Light Network Communication Company.
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By: Balli Jutt
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Date Added: November 3, 2012
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SHENZHEN, China - Looking for good quality optic fiber transceivers? The search ends here with C-Light Network Communication Company. They are the professional suppliers and manufacturers of a wide range of optical fiber transceivers that are compatible with branded devices like 3COM, Cisco, HP, Juniper, KingNET and many more. Being the best in the industry, they have been catering to customers across the globe with a promise of quality and affordability. For companies that run a tight rope budget, this company offers some of the best deals on their networking systems in order to enable them to enjoy uninterrupted access to good quality optical fiber transceivers.


C-Light is a top-notch supplier of the family of transceivers ranging from SFP+ SFP XFP BIDI CWDM DWDM PON X2 to XENPAK. This China based company offers these transceivers at low prices and warranty system that would save huge amounts on the budget. In order to update the networking system and still stay within the budget this is the ultimate place to opt the communication systems from. The products manufactured at C-Light are widely used in systems of Ethernet, SAN, Data Center and Video transmission. As fiber optical supplier they have been certified and recognized by many brands and companies in the market. The site even offers some technical articles which would help customers to under the functionality and specifications in detail befor


e placing the order. Each of the families manufactured here are listed with the module information.


All the orders placed at C-Light are treated transceiver with utmost priority, providing value added services and incomparable customer service and support. With a promise of reliability and compatibility they are aiming at expanding their services to customers worldwide in enhancing the technical advancements through networking and communication. Each fiber optic of the C-Light products listed on the website are provided with specifications and the compatibility. Customers can acquire detailed description by a single click on the product. In case the product meets the specified requirement, the orders can be placed by requesting for a quote right from the website. The product is also displayed with a pictorial representation to enable the entire functionality.


The site offers complete information on the products for orders to be placed easily at


For more information contact 86-0755-27789176 or email the queries to

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Worldwide suppliers & manufacturers of optical fiber transceivers

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