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Reconcile Software License Compliance And Installed Software

Lepide Software Asset Management is developed to help organizations save time and cost by providing measures to maintain comprehensive software asset inventory. This eventually helps in utilizing asset information to ensure software license compliance standards are fully met.
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By: Mary robert robert
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Date Added: September 6, 2011
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It is imperative for organizations to be aware of the software applications deployed internally and being used in multiple layers of exposure. Accurate knowledge of software assets within an organization is crucial from the viewpoint of overall network security and control. Moreover, information related to software installed and usage rights help in meeting software licensing compliance. Lepide Software Asset Management tool has been developed to address these very issues.


This application helps organizations in curbing costs and resources used for software license audits by helping in software lifecycle management and migration. With the help of this tool, organizations can eliminate the need of intensive manual tasks required to maintain software licensing compliance and validate them. Lepide Software Asset Management tool helps in the following ways:


1. Device discovery: LSAM helps in identifying all the softwares that are deployed within the organization and fetching information about their usage rights, application name, product version, publisher, deployment location, etc. With proper knowledge, wastage of money in procuring redundant software can be eliminated
2. Software inventory: Organizations need to maintain a proper software inventory and track down the assets along with details related to the software licenses. Inventory records contain data about software application, software license, software purchase date and license expiry date among others.
3. Software license compliance: Provides information about software license type, license purchase date, license expiry date, software title, etc and organize the licenses. This tool helps in assignment and reconciliation of software licenses by mapping them to installed or unused software.
4. Software audits: Enables organizations to identify potential problems and obtain proof of license compliances during software audits. With reliable internal audits, organizations are able to rectify compliance problems and eliminate legal or business risks.


Hence, Lepide Software Asset Management helps in is gaining accurate estimates of available software asset in an organization and also adhering to software license compliance standards.


For more details about the important features, functionality and capabilities of this software, visit


Key features:


1. Effective software asset management system


2. Simplifies execution of software audits


3. Helps in license assignment and management


4. Enables organizing and optimizing software license


5. Finds and removes illegally downloaded software


6. Facilitates software asset and license compliance reporting


6. Increases ROI and employee satisfaction


Lepide Software Asset Management tool is available as a free evaluation version for a trial period of 30 days. This trial version comes with a software license for 50 computers, which means you can audit up to 50 computers with this tool. The evaluation version of LSAM helps you in monitoring software applications installed on 50 computers as well as get details about their licenses. In order to manage software assets of your entire organization and meet software license compliance, purchase the full version of this software.

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