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QuickTSI Launches Innovative Load Board Service with FREE Freight and Truck Post

For those in the transportation and freight logistics business, time is money. Matching trucks and loads to minimize loading time has always been a challenge - until now.
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By: Preet Kahlon
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Date Added: June 28, 2012
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JUNE 28, 2012 - HAYWARD, CALIFORNIA - For those in the transportation and freight logistics business, time is money. Matching trucks and loads to minimize loading time has always been a challenge - until now. Quick Transport Solutions, Inc. (QuickTSI) is revolutionizing the load board industry with its brand new load board service, which enable users to post loads or find trucks, post trucks or find loads, and look up carrier profiles.

According to QuickTSI's Preet Kahlon, "One of the biggest advantages of using QuickTSI Load Board over traditional load boards is the visibility of the postings it offers. Any load or truck posted within QuickTSI Load Board will be displayed across the entire high traffic website." Noting that this consists of over a million pages of a high traffic website catering to the transportation and logistics industry, Kahlon said, "This means that users can reach companies that traditional load board users only dream of reaching."

Not only does QuickTSI Load Board provide broader visibility of information posted, but it is accomplished while maintaining a high level of user credibility by requiring users to sign in before the contact information of the posting company is revealed.

Noted Kahlon, "We've listened to the frustrations of many traditional load board users over the years and understand that load board service users want affordability, simplicity and visibility." As a result, QuickTSI Load Board was built entirely around this understanding and has kept the application very user friendly with a lot of visibility and free posting accounts.

QuickTSI Load Board offers visibility, unlimited truck and freight searching, LTL and TL freight, an easy to use dashboard, radius search, match alerts, carrier profile search, and free unlimited freight and truck posting. Kahlon said, "The unlimited truck and freight posting option allows users to post their available trucks and/or loads on a daily basis to help companies find a long-term partner completely free."

Kahlon concluded, "We at QuickTSI believe in building products that not only meet, but exceed our user's expectations. We will continue to work hard to actively listen to our users, so the improvements to our load board are in line with our users' needs." That means time saved - and money earned.

To learn more about QuickTSI Load Board, visit QuickTSI also offers options to buy trucks, find jobs, browse useful information and even invoice customers for the work they do. For an interview or for more information, please contact Preet Kahlon by phone at 510-999-7730 or via email at

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