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Lepide Releases Active Directory Management & Reporting Tool(11.09.01)

The updated version of Lepide Active Directory is now available for users. Using the updated version users can get various new functionalities for more effective Active Directory Management.
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By: Robert Allex
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Date Added: September 30, 2011
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 Lepide Software provider of renowned and trusted enterprise level network and server management solutions announced the release of enhanced version of Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting. With new look, theme and advanced features, this software is now available to provide users with a more simplified Active Directory management platform.


Being one of the most robust and advanced Active Directory Management solutions available, we stressed more on the usability and the ease of use for the Admin in this new update. With the updated version, existing as well as new users will get a more powerful and technically advanced Active Directory management and Active Directory reporting platform. To know more about the software, you can visit


What’s new in Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting version 11.09.01


1. Enhanced Active Directory Query functionality added: The latest version of Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting (11.09.01) now comes with enhanced Active Directory Query Functions that will enable administrators to create and execute customized queries. With this new improved feature, users can query Active for multiple Users, Computers, Groups or OUs/ containers.


2. New functionality supporting multiple users’ management: In this new version multiple Users can be copied to a remote server with the advanced ‘Copy to Server’ option along with the provision to view the Group Membership of multiple Users. Group Attributes for multiple Users such as ‘Add to Group’, ‘Remove From Group’ and ‘Set Primary Group’ are now available with the new release of LADMR. Administrators can also send messages to multiple Users at ones in this version.


3. New functionality supporting multiple Groups’ management: New functionality added for managing multiple Groups simultaneously; these functionality include copying multiple Groups to a remote server with the ‘Copy to Server’ option and also moving multiple Groups to a container. Moreover, new Group Attributes options like ‘Add members’ and ‘Remove members’ are now available in this latest version. Now administrators can also view both Direct and Indirect Members of multiple groups simultaneously.


4. New functionality for multiple Computers’ management: On multiple Computers, new functions like installing, controlling and starting up services and adding new jobs can be performed. Now multiple computers can be selected and removed from the domain at once.  Administrator can also send wake up requests to multiple computers or shutdown them simultaneously.


5. Other essential advancements which have been added to the new version of LADMR include Remote Control option and Reboot option that appears upon right clicking Single Computer.  Moreover, right click context menu including all shell functions like Open, Explore etc. has also added in Disk Space of Single Computer.


6. The latest OS list has also been added to Active Directory reports.


7. Apart from all these improved features and functionality, both the Management and Reporting consoles of Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting version 11.09.01 come with enhanced and attractive GUI.


To experience all above mentioned advanced features and functionality, trial version Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting Version 11.09.01 can be downloaded.


Since software demo version is available for 30 days trial period, new users may get enough time to analyze whether the updated version keeps its promise of providing simplified and advanced Active Directory management and Active Directory reporting platform or not.


About the Company:


Lepide Software Private Limited is a software development company specialized in design and development of technologically advanced IT management solutions, computer security and PC tools. All the tools are  easy  to  install,  setup  and  use;  additionally  we  offer  24  X  7  hour technical support to our customers for consultation regarding software usage  and  troubleshooting.  For further details, please visit-

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