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GRDP Announces Updated Website and Recent Product Expansion of Frameless

GRDP is one of the oldest and most reputable UK producers and suppliers of innovative, fully retractable, clear glass door solutions.
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By: Jacob Willam
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Date Added: August 15, 2013
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London, UK – GRDP is one of the oldest and most reputable UK producers and suppliers of innovative, fully retractable, clear glass door solutions. The company brings some of the leading designers, manufacturers and installers in the industry together in-house to ensure the highest quality control throughout the entire door solution design and manufacturing process, installation, and even aftercare of their products and services, with most installations completed within 4 to 6 weeks for commercial and residential locations throughout the UK. The company has recently updated their website to make it even easier to obtain a quick quote, and has expanded their unique glass curtain systems.


GRDP is the UK’s top provider of high quality glass door solutions and is the UK’s only supplier of frameless, clear glass door solutions. The company’s curtain of glass relies on thermally efficient variations in their toughened glazing to eliminate the need for bulky frames while still preserving the utility efficiency and ease of use of traditional aluminum and sliding doors that remain fully retractable and come in over 30 separate configurations for opening.


The atmosphere and ambiance in any room or office is instantly enhanced by the company’s unobstructed 360 degree clear glass views, and the firm provides custom design and installation for either internal or external use and for both retro-fits and new builds of both residential and commercial construction. The firm can use the same technology that produces their walls or “curtains of glass” to produce custom sized and installed traditional aluminum bi-folding doors, single glazed frameless internal doors; French doors, patio doors, room dividers, double glazed frameless patio doors, ultra slim patio doors, and more.


To get a quick quote on the way to seeing clearly, or discover more about the firm’s products and services, please visit the company’s website at


About GRDP

GRDP is based on over 25 years of experience in the custom door, double glazing and installation industries. The company is the UK’s leading supplier of unique, high quality, custom clear glass doors, dividers and window solutions. The company is staffed with in-house designers, manufacturers and installers so that they can offer complete turn-key service for both residential and large scale commercial installations with a high degree of quality control and excellent standards of performance.


Contact Information:
Unit 1, Bay Close
Progress Way
Luton, Bedfordshire
Telephone: 01793 862510 (local)
+44 01793 862510 (international)
Fax: 01582 494239

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Contact Info

- Jacob Willam
Phone: 01793 862510
Email :