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Free NTBackup Recovery Tool Version Surpasses User Testing Proves Survey

The BKF Recovery software outperforms the testing performed by the users as part of the survey conduction and completion. As expected by the organization the free NTBackup recovery tool version was supremely liked by the users.
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By: Jack Johnson
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Date Added: October 20, 2011
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Gothenburg, Sweden, October 20, 2011: - This release is to inform the users about the splendid victory of the free NTBackup recovery tool version over the testing and trialing done by the users. The users were asked online to participate in the survey via pop up window that appeared on the sites the survey was posted on. After following the link the users would be asked to download the free of cost downloadable version from the BKF Recovery software website. This demo version provided with the tool had to be checked by the users in order to answer the questions asked in the survey related to the experience of the users with the demo version.

Almost 125 users had actively taken part in this trial and testing providing survey of the BKF Recovery tool. And after the usage of the demo the users were asked several questions regarding the usage of the demo version to fix BKF corruption and some of the questions went like; is the demo version able to clear the undue queries related to tool, are software features understandable, after demo do you find the BKF Recovery tool efficient for full version, how much time did you spend in free trial version, how were the steps in the demo, what are your suggestions for the demo if any, would you like to add more functionalities in the demo edition, and are you satisfied with the demo version usage. A high number of users voted in a positive manner in favor of the free NTBackup recovery tool version which proved to be very much satisfying for the organization.

Evan Swans, Director Product Development said excitingly: “The users might be surprised to experience the process of a full version tool in demonstration providing version of a fine quality. But for the organization it was an old thing as we were sure of the reliability and very well functionalities of the demo version of our tool’s and this free NTBackup recovery tool version for BKF Recovery.”

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