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FocusSuites Asia Expands its Operations to Srilanka Accelerate Expansions in th

FSPL Asia is one of the Asia’s Largest Independent Full Service Marketing research fieldwork team specializing in Multi-Country Studies. Asia’s Largest Qualitative Research Facilities’ Service Provider with State of the Art Focus Group facilities across major cities in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China and UAE, all of which are centrally located in their respective cities.
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By: Meg Chhabria
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Date Added: October 5, 2011
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For Immediate Release: - Mumbai, Sept 5, 2011: Focus Suites Asia, one of Asia’s Largest Independent Full Service Market Research Agencies expands it geographical footprints to Srilanka. FSPL Asia, having full-service Market Research operations in multiple countries in the APAC & the Middle East & is increasing its Global presence. Being the largest Market Research Agencies, FSPL Asia is equipped with the latest state of the art technologies including one-way mirror facilities, usability-testing services across all its facilities, conducting Online Survey through Panels across India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China and UAE.

Meg Chhabria, CEO Focus-Suits says, “We are expanding our Market Research operations across Asia Pacific & Middle east & have appointed Mr. K. Sankaran, to head our Operations in Srilanka & we’re confident to capture the Srilanka Markets with the combination of technology and value adds that will define in the years to come”.

Comments Mr. K. Sankaran, appointed as the Country Head, in-charge of the Srilanka Operations says, “With the overall Market Research growth rate projected is 17% (CAGR).The Domestic Industry expects a growth of up to 22% (CAGR), with Research being an integrated part of the Industrial Growth.


FSPL Asia serves as a Multi-Country Market Research Facility Provider to multiple industries across various sectors in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Retail, Automotive, Tele-Communications, Usability-Testing & exploring new Markets in the Advertising as well as the Media & Publishing.

 (India, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Jeddah, Riyadh, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt )

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