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Edit PDF Files Accurately With Kernel For PDF To Word Conversion Tool

For all those who are looking for an appropriate option to convert file from PDF to Word format, there is an option available in the form of convert pdf to word free utility. Embedded with interactive graphical user-interface, the PDF to Word converter is easy to access and can be very effective in situations that demand instant pdf to word conversion
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By: Thomas crist
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Date Added: October 5, 2011
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Kernel for PDF to Word conversion tool is renowned software which easily converts large PDF files into MS Word files without consuming much time and effort. Offering simplest method to convert PDF to word documents this tool enables the user to completely edit the documents as per the requirement. With the capability of converting multiple documents in a single conversion cycle, this tool never loses the integrity of the data and maintains the accuracy.


Key features:


1. Faster and accurate performance
2. Capable of converting multiple PDF files in a single conversion cycle while maintaining accuracy
3. Keeps track on the images, OLE objects, forms, graphs, hyperlinks, tables and other information while converting a PDF into Word
4. Enable the user to convert password protected PDF files into Word
5. Provides an interactive and user friendly interface to offer an ease in operation
6. Supports MS Word 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2000 versions
7. Efficiently work with almost all versions of Windows operating system


This easy- to- use PDF to word conversion technique is highly efficient and provides the users the right interface to edit the files. It easily converts the texts, graphics, images, hyperlinks, tables and other elements of the doc file without altering their original format, structure and properties. This convert pdf to word free utility enables the users to work on the password protected PDF files by converting them to word files if the password is known. For more details, please visit:


With the user friendly approach this tool is available with its free evaluation copy. Users can easily download it online and get the exciting features by installing it. The free trial version resembles the full version, though it supports conversion of only three pages of the PDF to word document. Embedded with high-tech methodologies, this tool work very well with all the versions of Adobe Acrobat and MS word. Further, it supports all the versions of Windows including Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000 and Windows 2008 Server.


About the company:


Provider of convert PDF to Word free tool is a leading firm dealing in solutions for both enterprise and home users. The company settled its base in the year 2004; company has since released many best-selling tools along with a growth rate of 200 percent annually for the same period. For more details about the software, please visit:

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